Friday, December 2, 2011

We're off ...

 As you're reading this, the hubby and I have left and are on our way down to Wilmington, NC to spend four glorious and relaxing days by the beach!!

We're making a return visit to the Bed & Breakfast we stayed at this past September for our 25th anniversary celebration - The Verandas Inn!  This weekend the historical society is hosting a two-day Historic Homes Holiday Tour with approximately 12 - 15 stops on the tour ... I cannot wait to see all those vintage homes all decked out for the holidays!

I'll be taking LOTS and LOTS of pictures and will be sure to share with you all when I return on Tuesday!

We're meeting friends of ours down there who will be in town as well and plan to dine together Friday evening ... how fun!  Saturday evening is the home tour by candlelight and it continues Sunday afternoon in case you can't finish it all on Saturday or want to see the homes in the day light.  Then Sunday evening there will be a parade -- telecast live on a local cable station in the Wilmington area!

I also plan to hit some vintage and antique shops while visiting the quaint and historic part of town, so hopefully I'll come home with a few bits and bobs of treasures to incorporate into my crafty goodies!

I spent the morning cooking for my boys who will be home the next four days taking care of the house and pets ... a big ol' pot of chili and some baked garlic chicken with roasted potatoes and green beans!  It smells so yummy in the house ... my hubby's mouth is watering and he wants to dig into the boys' dinners, but I keep slapping his hands away!!!

Bags packed, boys will be home house and pet sitting with the fur babies since they just finished classes are are in their exam schedule ... I can't wait!!

Please check in daily, I've pre-posted some more 12 Days of Holidays posts and design team posts to keep you busy while I'm away!!



Anonymous said...

I hope you have a fab time...I would love to see all those gorgeous houses all decked out for the holidays !!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds absolutely wonderful! I just can't wait to see photos of your trip! Have a wonderful time with your hubby! Hugs, J

Patty O'Malley said...

I know you'll have a wonderful time!

Audrey Pettit said...

Hope you had the most fabulous time away, Debbie! Can't wait for all the photos!