Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Twelve Days of Christmas - Day 8!

 Welcome friends ... boy the month is just FLYING by, isn't it!!  This is such a happy and magical time of the year ... I just hate to see the days go by so quickly ... I want to savor every precious moment!

Today we're touring my downstairs foyer and staircase ... enjoy!

I made these vintage-inspired garlands the first year we moved into this house - 7 years ago!  I have three sections, one on the bottom banister, one on the second banister (split staircase) and one at the very top - banister/upstairs hallway.  The garlands are adorned with white and gold poinsettias, pink and burgundy sugared fruits, white lights and a variety of Christmas picks from the craft store.  Each year I add a couple more bobbles to the garland to make is nice and full like they used to decorate in the Victorian days.

I truly believe I was born in the wrong time ... I would have fit in so well in the 1900's with those cute horse and buggies and all the Victorian wardrobe and splendor!  I must admit, it's probably more fun to decorate and live in a vintage-INSPIRED home with all the modern conveniences than to have lived back in the day ... it was probably hard, but they didn't know any better and just went happily on their way.

This is a countdown platter I designed about 3 years ago or so when Stampin' Up! first came out with their vinyl decor element line.  It's super cute and I have so much fun changing the number every morning when I have my coffee ... we're already down to 17 days until Christmas as of this morning ... YIKES -- gotta go and get a bunch of projects done!

Thanks for popping by today ... see you tomorrow!



Cindy said...

I love what you have done on the bannister. Simply beautiful. Also, your comment reminded me of the movie "Midnight in Paris". Excellent movie, if you haven't seen it.

Patty O'Malley said...

Love all the goodies you incorporated into your garland. Fabulous!