Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Twelve Days of Christmas 2011 - Day #1!

 Back by popular demand ... I'm counting down the 12 Days of Christmas beginning today!  Thank you all so very much for your sweet comments on last year's countdown and also for your requests throughout the year to spotlight my holiday decorations again this year!

I'm excited to record everything in pictures again this year as a couple things have changed in our home from last year.  Many of you will remember that our 'big project' this past January through March was finishing off some partially finished square footage on the second floor of our home.  Of course, I voted for a huge stamp room, but since I live in a house with THREE GUYS (hubby and two sons), I was out numbered and we got a 500 square foot MAN CAVE instead!
I have to admit, I really like how it turned out ... and it's really nice to watch movies on the 70" flat screen TV with a movie-quality surround sound system!  When watching the season finale of Dancing With the Stars this month, the mirror ball trophy was almost as big as I am on that TV!!

I've been reminded by a couple of my friends (thanks Martha!!) that I neglected to show the man cave when finished.  I shared a couple of pics along the way during the messy construction ... boy was I glad to have that done and over -- it's hard to remodel a room in your existing house while living in it -- drywall dust gets into every nook and cranny!

We ended up tearing up all the carpets across the entire 2nd floor of our home and installing beautiful hand scrapped hardwood floors ... very vintage looking -- I love them and so do my allergies -- carpets are the worst thing for people with allergies.

So, without further ado ... here we go!  First stop on the 12 Days of Christmas Countdown is the new MAN CAVE!!

Originally, we were going to make this a closet, but shortly after construction began, we decided to use the additional square footage to make a bar area.  We installed a small refrigerator and microwave to make quick and easy access to snacks and drinks while using the room!

My husband was horrified a couple weeks after we completed the project to open a couple of the cabinet doors and find CRAFT SUPPLIES stashed away!  What's a girl to do with empty cabinets ... hide more stuff!

This is our boys' tree ... decorated with lots of treasured ornaments from over the 21 we've been blessed to have them in our lives!  Precious!!

This is the hubby's tree - decorated with all his man favorites:  fish, boats, golf, cars!

The pool table ... I have to admit, I enjoy this big boys' toy too!

Oh so comfy couch and chairs ... they all recline and are really soft and yummy!

I got to throw tiny bits of 'me' into the room with the pretty gray and black damask area rug and white and black toile blanket for snuggling!

The TV and electrical equipment ... needs no further explanation -- the entire project was centered around this piece!

The room is large enough to be able to accept the two man-themed trees ... they look PERFECT in this man cave room!


Patty O'Malley said...

Fabulous room, Debbie! I am so glad you are doing the twelve days of Christmas again!

Anonymous said...

Great Man Cave Debbie! How did you ever get that pool table to the 2nd floor! Wow! It is truly a man's cave! Love it! And my hubby would too! haha! Hugs, J