Sunday, April 18, 2010

No Stampin' ... PROM day!!!

Busy and exciting day yesterday ... no time to stamp for me :( I worked most of the day, so I spent Friday cleaning the house and prepping for an open house on Saturday with my gourmet food business. Home, change quick and host the prom kids for pictures and limo pick up!
This is my 'baby boy' ... my youngest son, Justin, (18 years old) attended his Sr. Prom last night with his girlfriend, Sierra and 7 of his closest friends. Everyone met at our house for flowers, pictures and the limo. The kids looked wonderful -- where does the time go? Seems like 2 years ago his was just a baby and now he'll be off to college this August!
We had so many people here, the cars were parked around the block -- parents, grand parents, aunts, neighbors and friends! The weather was just about as perfect as perfect can be - 80 degrees, sunny, blue sky, a little breeze and no humidity -- THANK YOU, GOD!!!
Between myself and all the other moms, we must have taken 1,000 pictures of these precious kids of ours!!! The kids were good troopers - never complaining ... until I mentioned that I thought my husband and I would go out for dinner after they left and we might like to eat at the same restaurant they were dining at!!! We were voted off the island ... and of course I was just kidding, but I had to throw that in there and see what they'd say (giggle)!
Before we knew it, the girls had their corsages, the boys had their flowers, the pictures had been taken and they were all loaded into the SUV Limo and off they went ... Sr. Prom night -- what a magical time in their lives!
Mom and Dad waited up to 1 am for the limo to return all our precious kiddos back to our house and then sent them off on their respective ways back home. By time my son brought his girlfriend home and returned to our house, it was almost 2 am. I was soooo sleepy, but enjoyed being there for him when he got home so he could tell his dad and I all about his awesome night!
Next on the agenda ... GRADUATION!!! Gotta get busy on those invitations and party items!
Thanks for peeking at my handsome son and his friends today :) Proud Mama, that I am!!!


Nicole said...

Great pics, Debbie! I cannot fathom my girls going to the prom. Makes me teary just thinking about it!

Patty O'Malley said...

Great photos, Debbie. Your son looks very handsome and his girlfriend is beautiful. My son just turned 20, and it seems like only yesterday I was pushing him around the neighborhood in his carriage! Time goes all too quickly!

Audrey Pettit said...

Gorgeous photos! Sounds like the evening was a huge success!

Mrs. Jones from the Circus said...

Oh Prom... What a time for young people; seems like it was just yesterday that I was attending prom!

PapierGirl said...

Wonderful memories to have - remember our prom? :) Your son looks so handsome and is girlfriend is such a doll! I remember my daughters prom and this year she's graduating with her Masters and my son and his past prom date have given me a beautiful Grandson!! Where does the time go?!?