Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My Design Room ...

Hey all you stampers and crafters out there -- this one's for YOU!

I've had several requests from my crafty, stampy friends to 'see' my design room that was newly redecorated this past fall. Since my {lovely} gift set arrived from England today that Maddy Hill made for the Week #1 Challenge over at The Shabby Tea Room, I decided to roll up my sleeves and do a bit of spring cleaning in there to get the room ready for it's newest addition -- the Cupcake Set (see post below)!!

Now, mind you, this room DOESN'T usually look like THIS :) It usually is very tossled about and has tons of my precious, stampy things out and about ... usually you can't see the floor -- I tend to like to work with everything laid out around me so I can pick and choose when creating a design. I upgraded to the 'bigger guest room' in our house last fall so I could get a few desks to work at. I now have 2 wonderful desk tops in my craft space, but still find it easier to create on the floor ... I KNOW, crazy!

As you can see, I {heart} all things SHABBY, VINTAGE and ANTIQUE! I've been an antique collector since I got married over 23 years ago, so I have some really beautiful pieces around my home. I collect dolls and teddy bears and my favorite color is ... PINK!

This room just speaks to me and has everything that I {treasure} in it. I painted the walls a beautiful shade called 'Paris White' that is the lightest, palest shade of baby pink! I found those beautiful silk shabby balloon shade curtains at Target and the colorful topper is from Bed, Bath & Beyond.

This shabby shutter table was a treasured find at the Raleigh, NC Fairgrounds Flea Market about eight years ago! This is where "I'm supposed to" do my designing (instead of the floor)!

Unfortunately, my craft room does serve as a guest bedroom for when we have out-of-town company visit. They sleep in the 'pink room' on this antique reproduction day bed with pull out trundle!

This pie safe cabinet was one of the very first pieces of furniture my hubby and I purchased together after we were married. I stained in light pine and it was in my kitchen for years. When we moved to our current home (a Pink Victorian), it didn't go with the new kitchen, so it spent 5 years in the attic until I redecorated this new room for my craft room. I remembered it was up in the attic, dragged it down (literally - I was home by myself and couldn't wait for someone to come and help me!), whitewashed it and it's now serving as wonderful storage inside the cabinet with 5 fabulous shelves full of stampy treasures!

These two shelving units were made by my grandfather! They were originally painted a strange kind of green, then I painted one fire engine red and one primary blue and they spent many years in my boys' playroom filled with toys. After we moved to this house, my boys were middle schoolers, so they didn't really play with toys much anymore -- the shelves were in this room pretty much collecting dust! When I got the brainstorm idea to take over their old bonus room as my craft room, I re-painted them an adorable Granny Smith Apple Green!! Pink and Green - yummy :)
So, there you have it. Take it all in ... there won't be pictures again of the craft space for probably another six months -- or the next time we have out-of-town company visit :)


maddy hill said...

never mind my cupcake comming to live with you - what about ME ???? i dont take up much space and theres a bed for me already ! ....

Debbie i lovvvvve your craftroom ! its gorgeous ! and the little cupcake cottage i think was just meant to live there !

your room is just adorned with shabby chicness !
love it .
maddy xxxx

Calv said...

Wow Debbie your house is gorgeous!!! What a beautiful home for Maddy's creations (she is a bit good isn't she?)

Now i need to go decorate!!!

Patty O'Malley said...

What a beautiful and organized room your have! Since I collect dolls and teddy bears, this room speaks to me!!

Kimberly S said...

Wow, what a calm and sweet space to get inspired. Just beautiful. :)

Lesley Edmonds said...

This is such a pretty room - s pink and girly - just gorgeous.
Lesley x