Thursday, March 25, 2010

In my kitchen 'cooking' seam binding today!

Well, no stamping for me today - boo! I've hinted to a couple of you about this, and it looks like tomorrow will be the day I can finally release it!

My Simple Treasures Etsy Shop will now be offering the most scrumptious and delicious, hand-dyed, aged and shabby VINTAGE SEAM BINDING for all of your crafting needs :)

I received 1,000 yards of the most beautiful, soft and vintage colored seam binding this morning. I spent the better part of this afternoon in the kitchen cooking and dying these yummy trims to perfection on my stove top! I then took them outside to 'bake' in the sun! I spread them all out on thick layers of newspaper and continued to age, dye and shabby these trims up! I live on a golf course and I can only imagine what all the golfers were thinking of me today -- 'what's that crazy lady doing in her backyard???'

My kitchen smells like Starbucks Cafe - made my mouth water all afternoon smelling these yummy smells! After the trims were brought outside, I spent every 15 minutes all afternoon hopping back outside to turn, scrunch and scrumple the trims so that they would age and dry to perfection in this afternoon's gorgeous Carolina blue sky sun!

Unfortunately, the sun has just now given way to clouds which will delay the sun-baked drying process by one day. I went to grab my camera and at least take a picture to show you of all this yumminess laying on the newspapers drying so happily in my backyard, but the battery was dead in my camera. Guess I've been in the 'zone' creating cards and not paying too much attention to that technical stuff ... like batteries to make the electronic equipment work {sigh}! Kinda like every time my hubby gets in my vehicle to drive it and the gas tank is on 'empty'. I hardly have time to pay attention to stuff like that when there's crafting to be done!

Believe me and my tea-stained little fingers when I tell you that I will have 10 of the most delicious colors to offer you -- hopefully as soon as Friday -- in the shop ...

1 - Ambrosia Cantalope
2 - Rose Beige Glitter
3 - Paradise Aqua Mist
4 - Rose Petal Cupcake
5 - Vintage Winter White
6 - Baby Pink Berry
7 - Cameo Beige Sugar
8 - Lacey Blueberry
9 - Oatmeal Cream
10 - Primrose Cookie Dough

Pop on back tomorrow for a look-sie all my shabby, vintage lovin' friends :)


Unknown said...

Is there anything you don't do? Where do you find the time?

Nicole said...

You never cease to amaze me!! I wish I had half of your energy! :)