Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Blog picture posting HELP needed!

This shout out goes to anyone out there who has a blog or knows how to navigate through a blog! I am having difficulty with some picture postings. I take the picture on my digital camera the right way (horizontal) and after saving it and posting to my blog, it automatically shows up in a vertical position. I don't see anywhere where I can edit a photo after it's posted on my blog page.

I've asked a few people for help, but no one can seem to figure this out. I contacted the Google Blog administrator, but they suggested I download some special type of Microsoft Picture Editing program ... don't really want to start messing around with that. I contacted a few other bloggers that I follow rountinely to no avail.

I was hoping that there is someone out there who blogs and may have had this happen ... who may have a simple and easy fix!

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Until I can fix it, I apologize to you who view my blog and have to endure the sideways pictures ... I'm so technically challenged! BLAH!

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