Saturday, April 25, 2009

I'm Back!!

I've received a few notes from some of you asking where I've been lately - MIA!!! I'm sorry for not posting in what seems like ages! Life has gotten in the way! My hubby and I went on a lovely cruise to Nassau, Bahamas - one that I earned free through my Tastefully Simple business - last weekend! That was such a treat ... first time for the both of us on a cruise and the first vacation he and I have taken alone in 18 years! WOW!! We were due!

I was so happy to return home and find the kids perfectly safe and okay, the house still standing and the pets happy as can be! This was the first time we have left the boys (18 and 17) home alone while we left ... not to mention left the country! Everything worked out fine, but as you can imagine, Mommy was fretting about everything!

I spent most of the day before we left on the trip grocery shopping and cooking tons of food for them to eat in my absence. You know me, I LOVE to feed people!!

It was good to get away for 4 fun-filled days, but wonderful to come home again too!

Okay ... now onto the important stuff -- let's see some posting here!!!

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