Tuesday, March 10, 2009

It's been a while ...

Hi Stamping Friends! I can hardly believe it's been a week since I stamped or blogged ... sigh! It seems as though my life is on fast forward these days and I can't seem to get off the merry go round. I've had the fun job this past week of battling yet ANOTHER sinus infection (last time - December) which has made the simplest thing on my to-do list a huge task - yuck!

We are thrilled for Brandon having accepted his invitation to attend this August at NCSU, but competley overwhelmed with forms, documents, deadlines, money due for this and that, campus tours, plans, arrangements, room mate choices, meal plans, FASFA and MORE! I really don't remember my parents doing all of this stuff when I attended college a hundred years ago ... oh, maybe that's why -- way back then you just applied and went! Now, it's like cutting off both your arms and one leg in order to just apply and accept. I hope it gets better when he's off and in school ... BUT then we start it all back up again this fall with my youngest son, Justin! OH MY! What won't kill you will make you stronger ... right??!!?? Don't get me wrong, we are thrilled to be in the position to have a child attending a local university, but looking forward to the stress level to come down a notch or two sometime soon!!! It doesn't help with my husband traveling all over the world for business each week -- many of these important decisions have been left on my 'single mom' shoulders to decide while he is a half a world away. I pray to God each night and thank him that we still are employed -- even if it requires trips 3 and 4,000 miles away most weeks! I know we are not the first or only people who have been in this position and will not be the last ... so I just grin and try to bear it all on a daily basis -- one breath at a time!!

Thanks to all who have asked about my mother-in-law (70 years old) who had to undergo an emergency hysterectomy last month. Although she did not do well immediately post-op, she is recovering well now and we are all thankful for that!

We received some very sad news over the weekend ... my husband's aunt (MIL's sister) was just diagnosed with breast cancer and is scheduled for a mastectomy next week. Please continue to keep her and our family in your thoughts and prayers.

On a brigher note, BEWARE!!! My son, Justin, took his driver's test two weeks ago and PASSED, so I now have two boys out driving on the roads in NC! He is doing GREAT and we are SO PROUD of both of our sons!

More good news for the golfers out there ... Brandon and Justin are playing again this year on Northwood Highs Men's Golf Team. They had their first match last night at the Challenge in Mebane. Brandon shot a 38 (WOW!) and Justin shot a 40! Northwood High placed FIRST out of the eight schools in the match and they are now tied for first in their conference with Cardinal Gibbons High (a D-1 school)!!! For those of you who don't golf ... that is EXTREMELY GOOD!!

Wasn't the weather here in NC just outstanding this past weekend? I've had spring fever for weeks now. It's great to see the trees budding and flowers popping up! Unfortunately, I had to work Saturday and Sunday, but it sure was nice to be out driving in the bright sunshine! LOVE IT!!

What an exciting basketball game it was on Sunday when UNC hosted my beloved Duke! I'm so proud of these boys ... they really hung in there and had the lead on the game until after the second quarter got underway. They still did a great job and it was a fun game to watch, even though the Devils lost. GO DUKE!!

I'm excited to be hosting the first stamp club workshop of March tonight. It'll be so fun to lose myself in stamping ... my passion! I have the next two days off and plan to try to catch up on some projects I haven't had time to get to! I'm also excited that the NEW spring/summer product line for Tastefully Simple launched yesterday! I was very ready for a seasonal change and it's always nice to say goodbye to the winter products and hello to the spring line - YUM!

I'm in the process of putting together my next stamp camp - date will probably be sometime in April ... stay tuned for details coming soon! I have several projects picked out and I need to make a decision on which to choose! The Crazy For Cupcakes Class was a huge success - over two days, 16 people attended the class and the projects were just ADORABLE! A fun time was had by all!!!

Okay, enough jabbering ... onto some posts and then hopefully some stamping before I head out later this afternoon for my club. I hope you enjoy this beautiful spring day. HAPPY STAMPING until next time!!!

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