Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Adorable Gift From a Friend!

Isn't this sooooooo Cute??!!?? Today was a wonderful day! I just LOVE those rainy days off that I can stay in and stamp all day long! Well, I didn't stamp all day long, be began around 1 pm and am still going strong at 8 pm ... in my book, that's all day long!

Hershey had her bi-monthly 'day of beauty' today and she looks just precious - AS USUAL!

Then this afternoon, my good friend, Joan Davidson, came over to stamp with me. I love stamping together with friends, it gets me motivated and I tend to accomplish so much!! Joan brought me this adorable decorated tin mailbox filled with yummy chocolates - LOVE IT!!! I am so blessed to have such thoughtful and talented friends. Thanks Joan!!!

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