Tuesday, February 24, 2009

NCSU - University Towers!

My son, Brandon, and I spent the day taking a campus tour of the NC State campus, Engineering school buildings, library and housing. Yes, it was FREEZING out ... started our tour around 11 am and it was only 34 degrees outside - burrrrrrr! I had to run to the campus store and buy myself a hat because my ears were frozen popsicles!
He was impressed when viewing the library ... they have a 'social floor' equipped with tons of computers, Nintendo Wii, Play Station and X-Box games for the students to use during down time from classes! My goodness, very different from when I went to college a hundred years ago!

Here are a few pictures of what his suite will look like ... he will reside at the University Towers on the State campus. It's a very nice facility, privately owned and newer than the existing dorms. It's a 9-level facility with gym, pool, activities, laundry, dinning hall, 3/4 day all you can eat menu, 24-hour security, maid service weekly, quiet rooms in lobby for study groups, pool tables and MORE! It's really nice ... I want to move in there with him!! He CRINGED when he heard me say that to our tour guide!
He will have a 2 bedroom suite. He plans to share his room with a friend from the high school where he is a senior right now. His friend got into NCS Engineering program as well, so it'll be good that they have many commonalities between the two of them - should make for good suite mates! The 2 bedrooms (2 guys in each bedroom) are connected by one bathroom which the 4 suite mates will share. Not a bad set up compared to the dorms which have 15 - 25 kids sharing one bathroom hall-style facility.

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