Monday, February 2, 2009


We received the BEST news in the world late Friday evening ... my son, Brandon, who is a senior at Northwood High this year, received his ACCEPTANCE letter into the NC STATE BIO-MEDICAL ENGINEERING PROGRAM!!! He'll be heading off to college this August and will be attending school right here at home, in Raleigh, NC! As parents, our prayers have been answered! This was Brandon's first choice as far as course selection went! The Engineering Program at NCS is very tough and hard to get into, so we couldn't be more proud of him right now! His plan is to study his first four years in the Bio-Med program and then continue on for his next 4 years studying to obtain his medical degree. He wants to be a doctor ... not sure what his speciality will be right now, but at least he has a clear plan! We all had the best weekend ever! GO PACK!!!
My younger son, Justin, has been a Wolfpack fan for all 13 years that we've lived in NC, so he is very envious of his older brother right now! Who knows ... maybe next year BOTH of my sons will be attending college on the NCS campus!!!

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MimiD said...

Wow that is great news! Congratulations to you all!