Tuesday, October 21, 2008

For Keep {sake} Box!

Isn't this just about the cutest little box you've ever seen? This is Lauren Meader's For Keep {sake} Box template from her new line made for Papertrey Ink! I couldn't find the glass test tubes, so I used plastic water bottle tubes from the florist. They are smaller, so I had to adjust the size of the box and cut it down a little. I used a SU 3/4" circle punch to make the holes to slide the tubes into ... I forwarded pics to Lauren and she suggested using a circle die cutter in order to get the holes closer to the middle and more centered. I think it came out cute for my first attempt! Need to put another yummy piece of speciality candy in the middle to make up the difference in space since my test tubes are more along the sides of the box instead of toward the middle ... yum - more candy - yum!

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