Saturday, July 13, 2013

A dear and sweet friend ...

 Hello bloggity peeps -- I hope you're having a beautiful Saturday! I'm popping in to share a blessing I received today! I'm always amazed at how life takes twists and turns ... how people who you trust and let into your life can bless you beyond what words can say and also let you down. If we didn't 'care', then the let downs would not hurt so much. Then, when you are down and blue, how a simple gesture from someone with a kind spirit can totally blow you away!! Has this ever happened to you? Well, my blessing has come in the form of a sweet new friend I 'met' through my Paper Sweeties business! Although we have not met {yet} in person, we have chatted many the hours through the internet and have become friends -- finding so much in common! Our lives and families are quite similar and parallel ... we giggle when one of us finishes the other's sentence! I pray to God that you all have experienced the joy of having someone like this in your life -- to lift you up when you are down, to brighten your day 'just because', to be there when you need them, to listen, to offer advice, to be a sounding board ... and to share our crafty passions with each other! Today, I am blessed to call Tina Milbourn my friend! We should all be so lucky to have someone as wonderful as she is in our lives -- my little world is surely a much brighter place now that Tina is a part of it Thank you, Tina, for the gorgeous card, the beautiful handmade {pink} and white rosary ... but most of all for your treasured friendship! We can't have enough friends in this crazy world, and I am blessed that you are mine!!


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