Friday, November 25, 2011

Create for CARDS spotlight ...

I hope everyone in the US had a very enjoyable Thanksgiving Day yesterday ... filled with good food and surrounded by family and friends!

Thanks so much to Paige for spotlighting my Thanksgiving card for last week's Create for CARDS Challenge!  
I'm trying to take it easy today after the marathon cooking that I did yesterday!  This morning, my youngest son and I made golumbkis and they are happy in the hot tub (roasting pan) in the oven baking away for dinner tonight.  Golumbkis are stuffed cabbage rolls with a tomato sauce.  The stuffing is rice, ground beef and salt pork and then you roll it up in a cooked cabbage leaf.  A little time-consuming to make, but oh so yummy in the tummy when done!!  They are a traditional Polish food that I enjoy making for my little family during the holiday season!

Well, the guys popped up the two last, largest trees for me this morning, so I'm off to hunt my decoration boxes and do a bit of tree trimming while watching HGTV!!!  Happy {sigh} inserted here!

Have a wonderful stampy day!



pattyo said...

Congrats on the spotlighting of your beautiful card! I love golumbkis myself. I helped my parents this past Sunday making homemake kielbasa. Once you've tasted that, you won't want to touch storemade again! I just finished decorating our living room tree while watching HGTV also!

Ellen said...

Congratulations Deb!! That card is simply beautiful. Have fun decorating. I hope I can convince someone to put up my tree next week so I can decorate it...I'm not used to depending on someone to do stuff for me... darn ankle. LOL