Saturday, March 5, 2011

My Shabby Chic Inspiration Space!

Hi friends and welcome!  I know a couple of you have been waiting for me to begin posting pics of my completed remodeling project ... I'm happy to report that today is the day that I can begin to share some pics with you!  It's been a long haul ... we began to finish off our 450 square foot media room the Monday after Christmas 2010 and we anticipate the final three things (paint, sound system, cabinets & counters) to be completed in the next 10 days to two weeks - hurray!  It's been a loooooong and tiring three months, but you all were right, the final product is well worth the time, effort and mess!

I can't share the pics of the new media room yet -- it's still in a state of flux.  When we were making our selections on what type of flooring we were going to install in the new room, I wanted to have hardwood floors put down as opposed to carpeting.  All four of us have allergies and we also have a little doggie and kitty, so carpets are not the {best} option for us here.  I managed to convice the hubby that it made sense to take out all of the carpets from the entire 2nd floor of our house and install hardwoods throughout!  He finally said 'yes' and the wood was ordered and the installers were scheduled.

Little did I know what a mess and how exhausting it would be.  It was a straight week of moving every single piece of furniture out of every single room upstairs to make room for them to remove old carpets and install new floors.  To say I had a 'mess' on my hands is the understatement of the year!  How DO you manage to squeeze 6 rooms of furniture into 3 ... and then flip those 3 rooms back into the other 3 so they can keep laying floors?  We had to get really creative and 'hide' furniture in closets and bathrooms ... it was comical!

Then follows the next 6 days of a whole crew of men in and out of my house 8 am - 6 pm daily -- making the most God awful noise with nailers, compressors, saws and such!  My hubby kept reminding me that 'this is what you wanted' when I was whining and complaining!!!  My poor little poodle was stressed out and my cat just hid for the entire 6 days!

To make matters worse, I was in the middle of creating all my projects for the My Time Made Easy March release, so I had 80% of my stamp room stuff crammed into the hallway amongst dressers and matresses and had to make due!  It's a wonder I got anything done with them just a couple feet away from me banging away!  I just went into 'auto pilot' and got it done!!

Each night after the crew would quit for the day, my 'real' work would begin.  On my hands and knees with a bucket of warm water washing down the new floors to remove sawdust, pencil marks, hammer scuffs and construction debris (nails, staples, etc.).  Then the fun task after a loooong and tiring day of moving and rearranging furniture around at 10 pm so they would have clear rooms to work in the next day!

We had 1,800 square feet of the most beautiful hand scrapped, antique and distressed Hickory hardwood floors installed ... and I LOVE them!  What I have quickly discovered, though, is that GLITTER and dark Hickory floors do NOT mix ... I had to move my glitter 'station' downstairs to my laundry room where I have light colored tile ... the glitter showed up on the dark hardwoods like you would not belive and it's impossible not to scatter glitter all around -- especially when you're ME and you use buckets of it all the time!

So, without further ado, I'm tickled {pink} to share a couple quick pics with you all of my 100% completed shabby chic stamp room!  It's a place I love to spend a lot of time in ... it makes me smile when I walk through the door ... I'm surrounded by everything I love from the pastel color palette to the stampy tools and supplies.  It's my fun space, my space to create and enjoy ... it's where I go to relieve stress and be happy!  Since I have been designing 'full time' these days, I figured I at least should make my surroundings bright, cheery and fun ... all about me and things that make my heart sing!

When you walk through the door, the first thing you see is a bright bank of two windows and a couple of shabby tables!  I adore the throw rugs -- pretty pink and green flowers scattered around the wood floors!  The walls are painted Paris White which is a very light, shabby pink!

This first station contains an old painted stand I picked up a couple years back at an antique show.  I love the shabby old white paint that is cracking and peeling off the piece - just yummy!  This is where I keep supplies like retired colors of cardstock, paint, glue, etc.  The top houses my Cricut cartridges and some of the latest cards I've designed that I can't bear to put away or send to someone yet.  Little bits and bobs of handmade from the heart treasures!

I've collected porcelain dolls for a long time and many of my little sweeties live in my craft room!

Here I have a vintage-look bulletin board that usually holds snipetts of papers with my weekly design team assignments, but for pictures today I cleaned it up and posted a LO I made the other day of ... my stamp room!  I made the 'bliss' banner too - isn't it dreamy with all that fluffy tulle?

I purchased this solid oak antique dresser and mirror in 1991 when I was expecting my second son.  It was used in his nursery to hold little baby booties, onesies and blankets ... and now houses crafting treasures!  It is circa late 1800's and one of my most treasured antique pieces!  A top it sits a couple more of my sweet doll friends -- they are in jammies and one is reading a story book to the other :)  Do you see my TV ... my kids make fun of me with my old, old 9" TV!  It's all I need in my stamp room -- I usually just have it on for background noise ... but there are those afternoons when it's critical to watch General Hospital to see who is going to be involved in the next disaster!  My hubby offered to get me a larger flat screen many times, but I've declined ... I don't want to take up any 'precious real estate' in the crafty room with a big TV!!

I love the window treatments I hung at this double window space.  The pink balloon shades are a soft baby pink silk and the valance topper is adorable with all those brightly colored ribbons -- very crafty looking!  This window spot gets full sun from about 11 am all through the afternoon, so it's a very warm, light and cheery nook in the room.  Here you'll see my sewing station ... I LOVE to machine sew on cards!!

Next I have a white painted table I found treasure hunting at a flea market about 8 years ago.  I love it ... very shabby, paint peeling ... lovely!  Here is where I {used} to glitter, but since I've banned myself from using glitter anywhere near these dark floors, I'll have to find another use for this fine table space!!  Here you'll see the bird cage template I just made up for Lauren Meader's MTME shop last week -- love it so much I can't bear to part with it and it found a place of honor in my stampy room!

Below I have a white painted wooden picnic basket that houses my die cutting machine.  Inside the basket are all my metal dies housed in CD cases and neatly staked in a plastic container that fits perfectly inside the basket!  To the far right you'll see an old oak child's chair that houses a couple of my teddy bear friends ... I collect teddy bears too -- so sweet!  I picked the chair up at an antique show in 1990 when I was expecting my first son and used it in his nursery for his stuffed toys!  It's really neat because it actually flips open and turns into a step stool, so I used it for many years in my boys' bathroom as a step stool so they could reach the sink to brush their little teeth!  I adore the old white painted chair ... I have a pink fleece baby blanket drapped over the top and a pretty celery green chair pad on the seat!

Here you'll see my newest treasure ... a 1950's black and white enamel kitchen table that I use for my main design space!  I immediately fell in love with this table when I found it this past fall at an antique show ... both sides pull out and the table space doubles in work space -- perfect for when I have some stampy friends come over for a play date!  We can pull out the sides and have plenty of space to get our craft on!  I have white painted baskets and boxes filled with my most used 'go to' supplies like baker's twine, buttons, trinket pins, paint, etc. and all my everyday tools.

Here you'll see one of the sides pulled out ... the leaves even have pretty scalloped edges ... I LOVE this table!!!  The enamel is very forgiving ... I can paint on it, ink on it and it just wipes clean!

And what stampy space wouldn't be complete without a cutter and stamp cleaning pad!  Mine are handy at my side at all times!!

The tall cabinet in the corner is one of the very first pieces of furniture my hubby and I purchased when we got engaged.  It is pine and was unfinished, so I had stained it in a light pine color.  It has moved many, many times with us over the years and found homes in many different rooms over the years.  It spent the past couple years in the attic collecting dust until I got this awesome stampy room.  I went and dug it out, white washed it with antique white paint and filled it with stamping tools and supplies!  They are near enough for me to get to them, but all the mess is hidden and neatly tucked away - fabby!

My design room is actually one of 5 bedrooms in our home and does double as a guest room when we have company.  I love this white iron day bed piled high with handmade quilts, fluffy shabby pillows and chenille stuffed animals!

These two shelf units have special sentimental attachment to me ... they were made many years ago by my grandfather!  For many years they were painted fire engine red and held toys of all sorts in my boys' playroom!  Then when we moved to this house in 2005 and they got a big boy bonus room, they were painted navy blue and held all their treasured video equipment, X-Box, Playstation, games, etc.  Now that they are off to college, mom has reclaimed the shelves for her craft space!  In keeping with my pretty pastel palette, I painted them Granny Smith Apple Green, purchased lots of white baskets and tin pails and filled the sweet containers with all the little bits and bobs of my stampy supplies!!  So shabby ... so FUN!

The clear apocathary jar with the sweet little robin eggs, ribbon and berries is a recent find on a shopping trip.  I filled the glass jar with some hand tea-stained twill tape that I made a couple weeks ago and have it nice and handy to add to my cards and projects!  The adorable fimo doll and matching cupcake and teddy bear fimo house is a handmade from the heart little lovlie I purchased from the ever talented Maddie Hill who lives in the UK!  The cake slice is one I made when I guest designed for the JUGS girlies this past July!

Here you'll see the standards any stamp space will house ... ink pads, ribbons and jars filled with buttons!

A view as if I were sitting on the day bed and getting ready to create something FUN!  See ... I can just peek at that tiny little TV ... just enough to keep me current with my soaps and movies!

Here is the closet where all my stamps, papers, embellies and tools are stored.  Thank heaven for this wonderful closet ... hides so many of the necessary craft essentials!  To the far left you'll see my 'challenge chart'.  This is how I keep all those wonderful challenges straight with deadlines and details!

And one final picture ... it wouldn't be right to share my stampy room with you all without sharing a pic of my lovely assistant -- this is my sweet little girl, Hershey!  She was just groomed this past Thursday and the groomer gave her pink and green bows -- WOW -- my fav!  Hershey spends many a day sitting right by my side 'helping' me create all the paper crafted lovelies that you allow me to share here with you!

Thanks for peeking ... I'd LOVE to hear what you think of my shabby little space!  Leave me a comment -- maybe you have some ideas for me to help make things function better??  I love suggestions!!  I hope you're having a wonderfully stampy day :)

And, on the urging of my stampy friend, Beth, these design room pictures have been submitted to the Crafty Storage Space Blog!


Romaine said...

Oh my, how pretty and TIDY, lol! A beautiful room to work in! So lovely, like your creations, very YOU! :0)

Raven B said...

UMMM Super dooper jealous lol. This is a fabulous room I couldnt help the drool! ECK lol Fabulous space.

cbuswell said...

WOW, what a dream craft room!! Love the day bed and fabulous floor. SO organized!! Oh and your dog is SOOO CUTE!!!! : )

Monique said...

Wow... What a special space Debbie.. and I did notice your bird cage right away :)..Your puppy is so sweet with her little shabby bed... Thanks for sharing your crafty space with us:).Big Hugs Monique

pattyo said...

Wow, Debbie! Your room looks fabulous! It certainly is a place I would love! I also have a collection of teddy bears and porcelain dolls, so this room just speaks to me. No wonder you are so creative getting to work in a room like this! Hershey looks adorable with those little bows on her ears!

Sonia said...

Great room!!! I am very jealous, but like many others I continue to work to organize my space. Thanks for sharing your lovely room!

Anonymous said...

Honestly, I didn't know people like you existed in real life....I'm either reaLLY, really jealous or in shock, not sure which!

Simply Shaz said...

Ooh...your room is gorgeous Debbie, no wonder it makes you smile to walk in there, i think i would be smiling too :) Love it!
Shaz x

Danielle Therese Greenwood said...

Such a GORGEOUS space! Just how I love it! Pink pink pink. Up until I got married, my bedroom was painted very light pink. And I actually used the exact same color for my daughter's room. I just love pink and shabby!!!

Bonnie - Really Reasonable Ribbon said...

How wonderful to have the 'perfect' crafting studio. Thanks so much for sharing the pictures.

Diane said...

Wow, so the pink...I am soooo jealous of all the white, bright light and that it's so clean and!!! I am in the process of cleaning up (digging out) mine now and have bought new fabric to make curtains and table biggest dilemma is that my house is log, old log, that they had stained (precious owners) dark, I do have a couple good windows...but oh you are so lucky to have such a beautiful workspace...gorgeous I tell ya..gor-ge-ous!!!

Auntie Em said...

Your room is like a pretty confection! Love all the shabby chic colours and decorations. Such a sweet cheerful place to create!
Thank you for sharing a peek!

Dawnll said...

Your room is adorable as can be!
I so love pink and this is a dream room for a girly girl.
Thanks for sharing

Angie said...

Your room is adorable! I love your "sweet" and "party" wall art. And I had that EXACT daybed when I was a kid, in MY pink room! LOL. My bedroom was pink with white furniture, and that daybed is the same one I had! I came here from Crafty Storage. Congrats on making it onto the blog!

angelwhispers said...

This is just magical!! But how do you work would just sit and dream it looks so relaxing and just so much eye candy!!!

Loving your little puppy looks so at home here with the cute little bed and ribbons!! thanks for sharing Chanelle xxx

Kristie said...

Your room is so pretty and feminine...I just love it :)

Anonymous said...

Love it!! So very cosy looking. Would love to have a better look at some of the photos (a bit pale and can't zoom in very well).

I'm very jealous! Love all the nice old cupboards - especially your corner one.

Birdie (from Australia)