Wednesday, December 8, 2010

12 Days of Christmas ... Day Four!

Welcome to day four of my holiday home tour!  So glad you could peek in ... today we're touring my formal parlor!  Grab a cup of tea and join me ...

This is the newest tree added to my treasured collection!  I purchased this white and pink irridencent tree the day after Christmas last year along with most of the ornaments.  I picked up a few additional ornaments to complete the tree this year and made that pretty, colorful bow at the top with ribbons cascading down the tree using 3 colors of ribbons!  The ribbon has sparkly polka dots on it - yummy!! 

I had been {heart} to add a white & pink tree to my collection, so this one really touches my heart!  I had fun decorating it in a candy confection theme with lots of gum drops, cupcakes, ice cream cones, candies ... and so many brightly colored, sparkly bobbles!!  I especially love how it is reflected in the antique vintage mirror I have hanging on the wall and how the pink color painted on my walls shows through the tree!!

Every year I pull out my sons' Charlie Brown Christmas Carol sheet music book and ask them to play me some songs over the holidays ... one of my favorite things!  One day I hope to get them to teach me how to play :)

Here is my most treasured antique 'chocolate' tea set and a few miscellaneous tea cups and saucers that I've picked up at antique shows and auctions in my travels.  I {heart} everything antique and tea related and have collected tea sets for about 20 years!  The table is antique as well and is very unique ... it has a removable glass top ... I added real antique lace doilies under the glass to make it look like the tea cups are sitting right on top of the doilies, but having the glass makes dusting easier!!!

This is an antique desk that my great grandfather MADE and has been passed down to me!  I had it in my bedroom as a child growing up and took it with me when I got married!  It's very old and I'm very sentimental about it.  I have a collection of teeny tiny miniature santas and trees that I keep in this desk 365 days a year!  Every time I go into this room throughout the year and see these sweet santas, they make me smile and dream about the holidays to come!

This is the second antique oak sled that I own.  I leave it in the parlor with the sugared fruits hanging from it all year long.  The first antique sled I showcased on day one -- under the tree in my family room!

Thanks for joining me for today's tour!  Pop back in tomorrow for some more ideas and shares :)


Catherine Couch Doucette said...

Debbie...I have loved seeing a "peek" into your house! I love this candy tree...I have one too, all done in peppermint candies!

Audrey Pettit said...

Fabulous! So festive and sparkly......just perfect for the holidays!