Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The 12 Days of Christmas ... Day 10!

Just a quick little post today for the 10th day on my holiday home tour ... I spent a marathon day shopping with my 2 sons  -- left the house at 11 am and didn't get home until 7 pm.  I'm soooooo tired, but at least the shopping is 90% done now!  After all the stores and all the schlepping, I still managed to forget a couple things from my list and will have to send my hubby back out over the weekend ... I'm sure he'll {love} that, don't you think - NOT!

I always look forward to our annual 'mommy and me' day!  It has evolved over the years ... and instead of shopping at Toys 'R Us anymore, we now shop at Hollister, Macys and Nordstrom!  Instead of buying legos and race cars, they want clothes, flat screen TV's and Blue Ray DVD's!  They are still my 'little boys' ... just with bigger toys these days!!!

We had a nice relaxing lunch at California Pizza Kitchen and then shopped until we couldn't carry another bag!  'Tis the season!!  I asked them if they wanted to sit on Santa's lap and have a picture taken, but they both declined!  Not very surprising ... but they did tell me that some girls were following them and checking them out when we split off for some time -- I didn't think they wanted to follow me into Victoria's Secret!

All in all ... a GOOD DAY!  I hope you all had a wonderfully happy day whatever your plans were today!

These hand knitted stockings are one of my most treasured holiday decorations.  The two that belong to my husband and me were made by a very dear friend of mine from NY for our first Christmas together as a married couple in 1986!  Then this same friend, who is my oldest son's godmother, made him a stocking for his first Christmas in 1990 ... and the next year she made my youngest son a stocking for his first Christmas in 1991!  I've had these wonderful treasures for 24 years and simply adore them!

Thanks for peeking!  I'll be back tomorrow with some more holiday home tour pics.  Gonna go collapse on the couch now and try to recharge my batteries!

See you tomorrow :)

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Patty O'Malley said...

The stockings are so cute and, I'm sure, a treasured gift! I agree with you about the shopping. My son is 20, so the gifts have evolved over the years! Just when you think you're finished shopping, you always find something that was forgotten. My predicament exactly--need to make one more shopping trip.