Thursday, October 1, 2009


Isn't this garland simply yummy??? It's a Linda Albrecht design that I just completed last night. I am in love with the soft, pastel colors and the Victorian theme of the project!! I know I say this each time I complete a project or design, but this IS my most favorite project to date!!

I'm in the process of doing some remodeling to my stamp studio. For those of you who have seen the guest bedroom I've been working in the past few years and the closet that houses ALL my toys, it's pathetic ... so small and inadequate for my needs! Since one of my sons has moved out to attend college, I had a brainstorm last week. I'm going to take the 5th bedroom that is an additional guest room upstairs and turn that into my stamping studio. That means that the 4th bedroom/guest room becomes the bonus room for the boys when guests are not staying with us.
The bonus room is MUCH larger, larger closet and room to expand. I'm planning on decorating it very Victorian and Shabby Chic ... soft pastel pink, green, blue and yellow -- just like this garland! I'll have room for more work space, a table, shelving and MORE -- I'm so excited to be able to expand!
Now the trick is to get the 3 guys to help me move all that furniture around this weekend - YIKES! I've told them about my plans and they didn't seem all that enthused about it - I wonder why???
It will require some painting ... I'm sure the boys don't want a PINK bonus room (the color of the current small guest room)! I'm thinking a kahki color for the 'new' bonus room/keeping the nautical theme and a blush/light pink on the walls in my new stamp studio. I made an antique reproduction quilt to fit on the white iron day bed that will go in there a few years back and it has all those yummy pastel colors in it ... very shabby and chic and snuggly.
I'll post pics when I complete the remodel ... stay tuned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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