Thursday, October 8, 2009


I JUST finished my new design & stamping studio ... started the remodel last Friday = 6 days! It came out BETTER than I had ever dreamed or imagined! It's so soft and so bright ... full of light that pours in from around 11 am all through the afternoon hours! The color on the walls is called Paris White ... BUT it's a very pale shade of PINK! The color on the two shelf units is called Corn Husk, and it looks like a Granny Smith Apple - YUM!
I have TRIPLE the room to work than I did in the previous room! It's like a small piece of heaven in there for me! I was able to use all the same pieces of furniture I had in the previous room PLUS I could pull from around my house and add a few additional pieces and another desk top for more work space ... very much needed! It's all so nice and organized now -- nothing laying in piles on the floor due to lack of storage space. I even have a bit of room for some expansion on the shelves.
I'm SO EXHAUSTED ... it was a full 6 days of moving furniture, painting walls and shelves, moving thousands (it seemed like) of supplies, shopping for paint, curtains, baskets/buckets and accessories -- but I'm not complaining in the least. It was WELL worth every single second and I'm so happy I decided to make the move and thrilled at how the room turned out!
I told my sons I want to live in there ... they just laughed at me. What does that mean, I wonder??? Now, I'll have plenty of room and creative space to design and paper craft until my heart's content. Life is very, very good!!!
I hope you're all having a good stamping day ... enjoy!

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Nicole said...

Very pretty - oh so "Debbie"! It looks too pretty to stamp in...I'd be scared to glitter it all up! Have fun in "your" room! :)