Friday, May 29, 2009

Organization is KEY!

A few of you have seen my 'lovely' closet that is dedicated to my Stampin' Up! supplies and for those that have not, some have asked to see it! It's amazing that I run BOTH of my businesses out of CLOSETS in my house! The closet dedicated for SU is the smallest closet in our entire house and it's in a guest bedroom ... that we need when we have guests sleep over. Unfortunately, they no longer can hang their clothes in the closet (the horror!) ... it's filled to the brim with all my toys!
I had to get quite creative on how to best use the space I have to work with. It's surprising how much stuff I really have jammed in there! My stamp sets are stacked in hanging shoe organizers from Target - their Shabby Chic Collection! All my cardstock is in hanging file folders, labeled and then hung in a large plastic bin with top from Office Max. I have one of those put together two-shelf bins that houses designer paper and overflow cardstock. I love the SU ribbon keepers - as you can see, I'm completely addicted to RIBBON! I even have more in the rectangular plastic bins on the top shelf! When I was out of room, but still had more stuff, I resorted to small plastic boxes with lids and handles and just hung them on the wooden rod with pretty ribbon!
All of my Big Shot dies and embossing folders are either in the white handled caddy or in an album stacked on the top shelf. I got a neat rolling cart with drawers that pull out from Target and that is where I keep all the odds and ends - little stuff - accessories, punches, glue, etc.
Yep, I'm gonna say it again, it's mind boggling how much stuff I have jammed into that tiny, little closet! I have 95% of my SU items in this closet and only a small amount of overflow stuff elsewhere. This closet is in a guest room that we will actually need to sleep guests for my son's up-coming graduation. We have family coming in from NY, FL and Charlotte, so I actually need the bedrooms for people ... not paper! I had to remove all the piles of 'stuff' from the bed in this room so my brother-in-law and his wife could sleep there!
I decided to spend today organizing and cleaning in preparation for the company heading our way. Since everything was neat and tidy, and since I've been asked by a few of you (Chrissy, Megan and Joanie - giggle!!!) to see my room, I thought I better hurry up and take a few pictures while it was still neat and organized -- it won't stay that way for very long!
I hope you might see some ideas you like and want to incorporate into your stamping spaces! I'd love to hear about what you do to keep organized ... send me pictures! For the time being and until my boys move out totally for college, the closet is where you can find me stamping my little heart out! Eventually, I'll be able to move into the 5th bedroom that they are now using for their 'man room'. Until then ... happy stamping to all!!! Enjoy!!!

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