Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Tastefully Simple's newest meals are so GREAT! We have three:

  • Pasta and Pomodoro Sauce Mix
  • Linguini and Clam Sauce Mix
  • Asian Zen Noodle Sauce Mix

For last night's stamping fun here, I made up a large bowl of the Pasta and Pomodoro Sauce Mix. Very easy ... cook the pasta, add the sauce mix to 28 oz. crushed tomatoes. When pasta is cooked, drain and add to sauce mix. I tossed in a small package of frozen meatballs and cooked up a batch of our Perfect Parmesan Biscuits for on the side. Yummy-oso!!!

These meals are a great way to put a homemade, nutritious, hot dinner on the table for your family -- even on those nights when you will be away or too busy (or tired!) to cook! They are MUCH better for you than 'take out'. Each meal will feed 4 - 6 people, depending on what you add into them. They feed my family of 4 (two large teen-aged sons) with another portion left over for lunch the next day!

They are economical too! These days when we are all pinching pennies and watching the budgets, Tastefully Simple Meals are a wonderful way to stretch your family's dollar ... take out can be so costly and unhealthy. Lastly ... our meals are very 'kid friendly' too! Kids love the curly shaped noodles in the Pasta and Pomodoro Sauce Mix!

Contact me today to place an order OR to schedule an in-home tasting party or on-line party to stock your pantry for FREE!

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